All Rummy: The Balance of Skill and Chance

A recent study from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-Delhi) has redefined the nature of All Rummy, emphasizing the significant role of skill in the game. Led by Professor Tapan K. Gandhi from the Cadence Artificial Intelligence and Automation Department, the study titled “Online Poker and Rummy Card Games – Games of Skill or Chance?” challenges the long-held belief that All Rummy is predominantly a game of chance.

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Key Findings of the Study

  1. Importance of Skill: The research highlights that successful All Rummy players need high levels of cognitive skills, strategic decision-making, and experience. These skills include memory, understanding social cues, and making decisions under pressure.
  2. Quantitative Analysis: The research team used mathematical tools for quantitative analysis and found a correlation of 0.904 between players’ win rates, indicating that skill plays a more crucial role than luck in All Rummy.
  3. Impact of Experience: The data shows that as players increase their number of games, their skill levels improve significantly. Mastery of game strategies and nuances markedly enhances performance and win rate consistency.

Factors Contributing to Misunderstanding

  • Chance Elements: All Rummy involves elements of chance since players do not know the next card they will draw. This leads some to believe that the outcome largely depends on luck.
  • Misconception about Professional Players: Many think that professional All Rummy players’ success is solely due to luck, overlooking their skill and experience.
  • Association with Gambling: All Rummy is often played in casinos, leading many to consider it just a gambling game reliant on luck.

Implications of the Study

This study not only underscores the importance of cognitive skills in All Rummy but also has potential implications for the legal and regulatory status of these games. Traditionally, legal and regulatory frameworks have categorized All Rummy as a game of chance. However, this research suggests that it is, in fact, a skill-based game, warranting a reevaluation of relevant policies.

Expert Opinions

Deepak Dhayanithy, an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, previously confirmed that All Rummy is a skill-based game. He supports the IIT-Delhi findings, emphasizing that skill, rather than luck, is the key to long-term success in All Rummy.


IIT-Delhi’s study challenges the traditional view of All Rummy as a game of chance, providing strong evidence that the game actually relies on the player’s skill and experience. This finding not only brings new understanding to enthusiasts of All Rummy but may also have profound impacts on the game’s regulatory and legal status.

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