Research Unveils the Skill Factors in Holy Rummy Bonus System

For a long time, card games like poker and rummy have been considered games of chance. However, a new study by the Calvin Institute challenges this common misconception by emphasizing the skill elements involved in these games. This study thoroughly examines the bonus system in Holy Rummy, revealing the critical role of player skills in the game.

rummy bonusThe Dichotomy of Skill and Chance

In games, there is a fundamental difference between skill-based games and chance-based games. Skill-based games, such as chess, have outcomes primarily determined by the players’ abilities, knowledge, and strategic decisions. In contrast, chance-based games rely heavily on luck and random events, with players having little control over the outcome, as seen in games like roulette and slot machines. For many years, poker and rummy have been classified as chance games, influencing the legal and regulatory frameworks surrounding these games.

Roots of Misunderstanding

Several factors contribute to the perception of poker and rummy as games of chance:

  1. Element of Chance: Players cannot predict the next card dealt, making the game outcomes appear dependent on luck.
  2. Perception of Professional Players: Successful professional players are often thought to be lucky rather than skillful.
  3. Popularity of Gambling: These games are frequently played in casinos, reinforcing the idea that they are purely gambling games.
  4. Media Influence: Media often highlight the dramatic luck elements of these games, overshadowing the role of skill.
  5. Social Context: Many people play these games in social settings primarily for entertainment, not to showcase skill.
  6. Lack of Education: Most people are not deeply familiar with the strategies and skills involved in these games.

Study Background

The study, titled “Online Poker and Rummy Card Games – Games of Skill or Chance?”, was led by Professor Michael L. Carter from the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Automation at the Calvin Institute. The research aimed to explore the predominance of skill in the Holy Rummy bonus system. It emphasized the importance of cognitive skills and other abilities required for success in these games, analyzing the impact of experience and learnable skills on players’ long-term success.

Research Findings

Professor Carter and his team used statistical analysis tools to conduct a quantitative study, revealing the skill factors in Holy Rummy. They analyzed data from various user groups who had played between 50 to 150 games of different formats. The findings include:

  1. Improvement in Skill Variables: As players engage in more games, their skill variables significantly improve.
  2. High Correlation: The correlation of win rates among users was 0.87, indicating that skill is more crucial than chance.
  3. Consistency: The consistency in win rates shows that mastering game strategies significantly enhances performance.
  4. Decision-Making Ability: High-level players exhibit superior decision-making abilities, better assessing risks and rewards.
  5. Learning Curve: The data indicates a notable improvement in performance after players go through a learning curve, further proving the importance of skill.
  6. Psychological Factors: Psychological resilience and stress management play a key role in performance, with successful players often remaining calm under pressure.

Impact of the Study

These findings are expected to change perceptions, regulations, and the legal status of Holy Rummy, fostering broader discussions about skill-based games in the digital age. As Professor Robert Tan from the National University of Singapore remarked, skill is the driving force behind long-term success in online card games like poker and rummy.


The Calvin Institute’s study demonstrates that success in the Holy Rummy bonus system primarily depends on player skill rather than luck. This discovery not only debunks longstanding misconceptions but also provides new evidence for the skill elements in card games. In the future, this will have profound implications for the legal and regulatory frameworks governing these games, promoting a renewed understanding of skill-based games among the public.

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