Indian Woman Wins Big in Rummy Golds Tournament

Tamil Nadu, India, June 2024 – A woman from Tamil Nadu has won a grand prize of 3 million rupees in the Rummy Golds tournament. On Thursday, she tearfully shared her plans for the money, which include fulfilling a dream vacation for her terminally ill husband.

Emotional Moment for the Winner

Anita Rao, the lucky winner, expressed her desire to use the prize money to take her husband, who is battling late-stage cancer, on a dream trip to Kashmir.

The Tamil Nadu Lottery officials announced that Rao won the prize in the “Rummy Golds” tournament held at the Rummy Supermarket in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

“I went home and left everything in the car,” Rao said. “No matter what, he always greets me at the door when I come home. I walked in, hugged him, and told him that we were going to be alright.”

In 2022, her husband Vijay was hospitalized for a hernia. Doctors performed a biopsy and diagnosed him with a rare form of cancer, typically found in children. The tumor, the size of a football, was classified as stage 3 cancer.

The tumor was successfully removed. Now, Rao and her husband cherish every moment they have together.

“This has been a struggle mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally,” Rao said. “Now we can truly give back to those who helped us during our toughest times.”

In addition to the trip to Kashmir, Rao also plans to visit their grandchildren in Maharashtra.

Lottery officials stated that the store that hosted the winning Rummy Golds tournament will receive a 100,000 rupee bonus.

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